Passport Q&A

The Conch Republic Passport

The Florida Keys and Key West,

“The Conch Republic,” Present: The World’s Favorite Second Passport!

Sir Peter Anderson

Captain James R. Gilleran

The Secretary of State of the Conch Republic


Q: Can I travel on my Conch Republic passport?
A: We do not represent our passports as valid travel documents. That said, people have travelled all over the world on them. The Conch Republic passport even helped save one man’s life in Guatemala when confronted by armed revolutionaries!

Q: Can I get a Conch Republic passport even if I don’t live in The Conch Republic?
A: As a “Sovereign State of Mind,” we accept citizens of like mind wherever and whenever they shall apply.

Q: What’s the difference between this and the Conch Republic Party Passport?
A: This document is completely personalised, is hand-embossed by the Secretary of State with the Official Seal of the Conch Republic, and, it is the Official Passport for all who wish to become citizens of “The Sovereign State of Mind” that is the Conch Republic. The Conch Republic Party Passport is a discount book souvenir.

The Passport That Helped Save a Life

As our own Bud Navarro set out for a trekking vacation in the mountains of Guatemala, back in the 1980s, he got his Conch Republic Passport, took it swimming in the ocean for that “instant aging” effect, and placed it in the front pouch of his pack.

One day he stumbled into a little mountain village, and entered the cantina. A hush fell over the cantina as a group of very belligerent young men with knives, broken beer bottles and Kalishnakovs eyed Bud; and started chanting things like “Americano, Gringo, Puta, Muerto,” and other bad words. Sensing he was about to become another State Department statistic, Bud exclaimed “Americano no!” “Republica de la Concha!,” and began waving his Conch Republic Passport at the advancing horde.

Knowing just enough Spanish to tell the Conch Republic’ story, he charmed the revolutionaries into filling him with tequila, and everyone wound up having a great time.

Conch Republic Questions

Q: Are you serious about being your own country?
A: Yes. We are very serious about being funny and we try to be funny when we are being serious.

Q: What about America, are you still Americans?
A: Of course! We are dual citizens, U.S. and Conch Republic. In fact we like to think we represent what is best about America… good and kind people, accepting of everyone.