The Founding of the Conch Republic

The Conch Republic was born on April 23, 1982, in response to a United States Border Patrol Blockade of the Florida Keys. Since the United States insisted on treating the Keys like a foreign country, Mayor Dennis Wardlow seceded from the Union. Today we stand proudly as a community of who have “Sovereign State Of Mind” and as the “People who seceded where others have failed”

A welcome message from the exalted
Secretary of State of The Conch Republic,
Cpt. James R. Gilleran

True to embellishing fish tales and nefarious activities you have wittingly chosen to participate in activities (some of which you will recall, and some of which you will not) here the micro-nation of the Conch Republic.

The lengths in which our nation’s people accept themselves to engage and be active in a unique lifestyle that lends itself to be of a free and unbridled character.

We welcome all comers who understand the value of humor, community, and a passion to encourage others to behave in a proud and foolish manner.

The only requirement for entry is an understanding that to be in an alternate reality you have to participate in an alternate reality.

Foundering since 1982

Ship’s In! Long Live the Conch Republic!

It’s Fun FOR ALL And ALL For FUN
The 43rd Anniversary of Our Independence!

Calling Conch Republic Patriots, Pirates and Partiers – Declare Your FUN-dependence!

Head to Key West’s 43rd Annual Conch Republic Independence Celebration 2025.
Conch Republic Days 2025 celebrates Key West’s One Human Family
and the diversity of its Conch-stituents dedicated to bringing

Humor, Peace and Respect to the world!

The Conch Republic Passport

The Official Passport for all who wish to become citizens of

“The Sovereign State of Mind” that is the Conch Republic!

Official Passport

The Official Passport for all who wish to become citizens of “The Sovereign State of Mind” that is the Conch Republic.

This is an international-quality, thread-sewn document. It has a linen cover, is completely personalized with your photo and information, and is hand-embossed and signed by the Secretary of State with the Official Seal of the Conch Republic.

Diplomat Passport

Get The Official Diplomat Passport

The Diplomat Passport is a high-quality keepsake/souvenir. Get it stamped around the Conch Republic for over $600 in Diplomatic Discounts at great restaurants, bars and attractions soon. It’s a useful guide and cool record of your Conch Republic visit.

Diplomatic Status means you get to represent your town, attend official Conch Republic events with discounts or free throughout the year, and more!