Conch Republic Honorary Consul Application

Acceptance Procedures

In order for your Diplomatic Passport Application to be accepted by the Conch Republic, we must have verifiable information about yourself and your character.

We require

• A Curriculum Vitae or Resume' with telephone, fax, or e-mail contacts for all listed affiliations
• Three references with telephone, fax, or e-mail contact numbers
• Three reference letters from non-family members attesting to your good character
• An original notarized (attested to) copy of your passport from your country or origin

Acceptable Forms of Payment

Processing fees must be rendered in U.S. dollars by bank check or other irrevocable instrument of international exchange or by direct bank to bank wire transfer. No documents will be issued until funds have completely cleared and credited. Bank wire instructions are available upon request, after your Diplomatic Passport Application has been accepted by the Conch Republic.

Checks should be made payable to "The Conch Republic" and mailed along with your application to:

The Conch Republic
Office of the Secretary General
P.O. Box 1154
Key West, FL/CR 33041

• Applicant must attach a Notarized Copy of applicant's passport, Official Photo Identification from country of residence, Drivers License or Birth Certificate. YOUR APPLICATION CAN NOT BE PROCESSED WITHOUT THIS NOTARIZED DOCUMENTATION
• You must include 4 photos suitable for cropping to passport size, a completed application form and payment for each passport ordered.
• Please Print or Type clearly
• Be sure to sign your application and the Oath!

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This is your Official Passport Application.
Print this form out in it's entirety.

A completed copy of this form must be submitted for each applicant.