Conch Republic Diplomatic Passport

Become a Conch Republic Diplomat! 

Any of these fabulous Diplomatic Appointments can be yours!

*Goodwill Ambassador - Honorary Consul - Consul General - Honorary Ambassador - Ambassador*

Conch Republic Diplomatic Packages Include:

*Red Conch Republic Diplomatic Passport

*Parchment Certificate of Appointment

*Formal Letter of Introduction

*Diplomatic Identification Card


Hobnob with the World's Elite!

Go to Parties and Receptions!

Enjoy the Highest Prestige!

Become a Conch Republic Diplomat Today!

Processing fees to become a Conch Republic Diplomat begin at only U$900.00! Click on the links below for applications and instructions. 

Goodwill Ambassador

(Processing Fee U$900.00)

Honorary Consul

(Processing Fee U$1250.00)

Consul General

(Processing Fee U$2500.00+) * (see note)

Honorary Ambassador

(Processing Fee U$5000.00)


(Processing Fee U$10,000.00)** (see note)


Please select an appointment from above and fill out the application to submit along with your fees. Thank you!



Consul Generals and Ambassador are considered more serious and demanding appointments that may require the following:

* Note: Consul Generals may be required to enter into a relationship with the Conch Republic to issue Citizenship Passports for the Conch Republic in their resident city and country under a formal "Memorandum of Understanding".

** Note: Ambassadors must reside in the Capitol city of their country of residence, and demonstrate the ability to competently represent the Conch Republic in proper Diplomatic circles, therein.

For more information on obtaining a Conch Republic Passport in person during your next visit to the Conch Republic, please contact:

Office of the Secretary General
P.O. Box 1154
Key West, FL/CR 330401
Phone:(305) 296-0213
FAX: (305) 296-8803